"Planet A" Momoko Seto

Momoko Seto (FR / JP)

Video HD, 7 min, 40 sec, 2008

Salt: trace, absence of water, passage of time,invading epidemic, living cemetery.
Water: manoeuvre, absolute value, fertility, rhizomes, chance.
Cotton: corruption, economic issues, hydrophily, desertification.

The world has become a vast dried out planet, where the growing of cotton, over exploited for economical reasons is the main cause of desertification. A saline desert covers acres of dried out land where strange salt trees appear.
This phenomenon echoes an even greater ecological disaster, the desertification of the Aral Sea. And man is always responsible...

This film shows a worrisome, strange yet playful world composed only of salt crystal formations. The crystals’ physical beauty and their corrosive features create a curious antinomy which reminds us of a living, invading and dangerous creature.
I am interested in the «science-fiction» genre that uses pessimistic parabolas to evoke the world in which we live. Through the salt world, I would like to implicitly express the theme of desertification, which affects certain areas of the globe, which, like the Aral Sea, are victims of industrialization and excessive economy use.
Two very simple matters, salt and water, recreate a surrealist space and at the same time, suggest the possibility that this phantasmagoria can one day (if not already) be an irreversible reality.


Born in 1980 in Tokyo, [Japan], japanese nationality.
Studied in French school of Tokyo, then went to Fine Arts College of Marseille, France (Master degree in 2006)
Selected as international exchange student at California College of the Arts of San Francisco/Oakland (USA) (2004)
Fellowship student at Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains (2006-2008)
Works for CNRS (National Scientific Reseach Center, Asia Network) as filmmaker, in Paris.
She has made several movies which were selected and shown in more than eighty international festivals and art events. Some of them won international prizes.