Prim Limit
Mārtiņš Roķis

Fixed Trajectories

"Fixed Trajectories" ("Fiksētās trajektorijas") is a multichannel performance series which combines generative strategies with improvisation elements. Custom software made especially for this performance generates sound structures, which are based on insect and bird communication signal analysis. It is inspired by sound perception model ASA, introduced by Albert Bregman, which explains how humans are able to organize everyday noise into perceptually meaningful systems.

The structures generated by the software evolve in a spontaneous manner, they have not been composed, nor follow any musical laws. Rather, they simulate a soundscape of some acoustic everyday space – the one on the street, in a forest or other where sounds, according to John Cage, "live their lives". Listener's activity, focus and personal cultural heritage determine which sounds are being heard and which – left in the background. Every sound object has its unique movement trajectory and placement in the acoustic space, however the seeming interaction and interplay of objects is the product of listeners' individual perception.

These sound textures which are generated realtime by the program are the material and impulse for the author who partially controls the parameters of the evolving sound and modifies the program code. Thus each performance has a fixed acoustic identity whereas the structure is never repeated.
Up till now, the performance in different variations has been presented in the opening of festival's Skaņu Mežs music store and in art center Totaldobže (2011), during the Linux conference in California (2012) and in the event Sasajos.Algoritmas in Vilnius (2012).


Martins Rokis works with sound in different contexts/forms combining his interest in the so called computer music, sound art and a/v composition. His work is a blend of generative strategies and improvisation exploring digital sound synthesis, spatiality and multimodality of human perception. In 2012 he founded HYPERLINK ""[duh-noh], a small-scale independent platform for digital and physical releases.