June 1 - 3, happenings and festival for living and growing culture in Liepaja Karosta

Located in intersection of military architectonics, urban design and organic nature, the building of prospective Karosta’s Art Center is the main venue for “LabiChampi” festival events. June 1, 2007: the inauguration of the art installation and exhibition “Mushroof” co-produced by EXYZT (Paris/France) and K@2 (Karosta/Latvia) united artists collective. The opening programme include: ”Jumping Mushroom” – visual, sound and pyrotechnics performance by EXYZT artists group as well as public presentation of the workshops organised by EXYZT, Passerelle V (Shool of Architecture Paris La Villette) and Eleonore Helio ( Strasbourg Art school). At a close of the evening programme – a set of guest DJ’s and VJ’s from EXYZT collective. June 2 – 3, 2007: guided tours around the exhibition, clothes marking workshop and fashion show by Directeur General (France) artists and designers collective, training in “mushroom growing”, exchange of mushroom recipes, mush-meal and French traditional family party (bal musette). Night of June 2, 2007: a special sound and visual performance at Fontaines Palace club in Liepaja.


June 1, 19.00 Opening of “Mushroof”, collaborative installation and exhibition by K@2 (LV) and Exyzt (FR). Public presentations of workshop results by Exyzt, Passerelle V (School of Architecture Paris La Vitllette) and ESP (Strasbourg Art school).
22.30 Audiovisual pyrotechnics performance “Mushboom” by Exzyt.
23.30 Dj Toffe (Matgorsky/Exyzt), Dj Adriana (Columbia) and Voodoo J (Exyzt)

June 2 - 3, 11.00– 19.00 A guided tour around the exhibition, Directeur General (FR) clothes printing workshop and fashion show, training in mushroom growing, mush-meal and exchange of mushroom recipes, “Bal musette” Sunday afternoon dancing.

June 2, 22.00 “Electrochampi” audio-visual performance and Djs at Fontaine Palace club in Liepaja.

Organised by The Cultural and Information Center K@2

Location: building of prospective Karaosta' s Art Center, Cesu rotas street 2, Liepajas Karosta

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