May 31 – June 10, Riga.
Spectral Investigations Collective [SIC] (FR) and RIXC (LV) artists exhibition in RIXC Media Space and maps at public transportation stops in Riga.

...Electro-magnetic fields are biologically active, it means that living beings react to them... Electromagnetic fields created by human gadgets effect our body, influence nature and extend beyond boundaries of our planet… Our planet has become a source for a dense radio wave radiation in the Universe.. Every signal once transmitted on Earth continues to radiate in space…Radio, TV and satellite signals, e-mails and phone calls as well as nuclear test shock waves and military radars, experiments with low-frequency waves, even the radiation of microwave ovens… Invisible and omnipresent, electromagnetic fields have become ghosts of the modern world...

The exhibition in Riga is a research and a visualization of the obtained information and artistic interpretation of electromagnetic radiation effects on human organism and nature. Ecological research on the effects of electromagnetic field on human health and nature have been conducted also in Latvia in addition to a great deal of scientific literature available from all over the world giving an insight of the studies performed in this field. Some of them will be displayed at the exhibition “Spectral Ecology” which will also include an open reading-room.

Today artists take great interest in the ecological issues of spectrum and they are willing to promote the research accomplished so far. One of the participating artist groups in the exhibition are French artists Bureau d'études from Paris - politically active artists providing precise and current information about the events in global society and revealing the invisible side of it by research mapping. One of the recent Bureau d'études researches is “Electromagnetic propaganda” - a publication, brochure and a map of electromagnetic spectrum, which was exhibited in “Waves” exhibition in LNMA EH Arsenals in Riga, 2006.
“Electromagnetic propaganda” and research performed in the territory of Latvia on the Skrunda radiolocation station and on the current EMR network (mobile telecommunication overlays, high voltage lines, wi-fi, TV and radio transmission zones, etc.) provides the basis for collective research that manifests in “Spectral Ecology” exhibition.

On May 31 already starting from 12.00 the visitors are welcome to visit the exhibition as well as to take part in creative workshops, make your own EMS detector and try it out in the 'cleanest' and most polluted spots of electromagnetic radiation in the city. In addition at 17.00 the authors of exhibition will guide a tour around the exhibition (for press and public). And later on “Art+Communication” official opening and performances at 18.00.

Exhibition is open every day until June 10 from 12.00-20.00. Entrance free.
For groups to sign up: 7228478, or rixc@rixc.lv

Location: RIXC Media Space, 11. Novembra Krastmala 35 (entrance from Minsterejas street), Riga.

Bureau d’études ”Electro-magnetic propaganda"