The exhibition is a collective research and display from Spectral Investigations Collective [SIC] (FR) and RIXC (LV) artists groups.

SPECTRAL INVESTIGATIONS COLLECTIVE [SIC] (FR) artists: Léonore Bonaccini and Xavier Fourt / Bureau d'études, Ewen Chardronnet / Ellipse, Horia Cosmin Samoïla / Ghostlab.

Bureau d'études (Léonore Bonaccini un Xavier Fourt) is a group of artists from Paris. By collaborating with researchers, critics and artists they create an autonomus university. "Bureau d'études" are the initiators of campaign 'zone de gratuité' which took place in Paris from March 1999 to September 2000, and later on in Strasbour. "Bureau d'études" have published articles in magazines, as well as their own publications (“Refuse the biopolice”, "Autonomie artistique" – in colaboration with Brian Holmes, "L'Etat machine", "Ondes", “Electromagnetic propoganda – The statement of industrial dogma”, etc.). Bureau d'études are partners of many events organized by RIXC in Riga; on August 2006 they participated in the international exhibition “Waves” in Riga with “Electromagnetic propaganda – the statement of industrial dogma”.

Bureau d’études ”Electro-magnetic propaganda"

Ewen Chardonnet is a media artist and journalist who works and lives in Tours, France. In the past 5 years he has been collaborating in different initiatives such as Makrolab, MIR, Acoustic Space Lab, Spectral Investigations Collective and World-Information.Org. He has published many texts and articles in the press and various catalogs. He has been directing "Quitter la Gravité", an anthology on the Association of Autonomous Astronauts (L'Eclat, 2001) and has received in 2003 the Leonardo New Horizons Award together with RIXC, r a d i o q u a l i a and the Acoustic Space Lab network.

SIC ”Recherches immunitaires"

Horia Cosmin Samoïla is artist, founder of the Ghostlab and member of SIC. He utilizes the electromagnetic medium like raw material with the realization of immaterial sculptures, experimental installations and extra-cognitive operations.


Recordings of elecromagnetic fields & VLF in Paris on 04.21.07

Ellipse is a Tours (FR) based cultural organisation that was created to help the development of complex art & science or Information Society related projects in the context of European exchanges. Ellipse has an agenda in working on “spectrography” and the electromagnetic spectrum in general. Future activities include art works in relation with space programs & technologies, polar circle missions, media arts festivals and museums of sciences. Ellipse believe that arts & culture need to question the new electromagnetic grid and its usage, through various activities at various scales, to open up a clear consciousness of the social, environmental and cultural consequences of the expansion of wireless transmissions in our society. Ellipse supports the new "Spectral Investigations Collective" activities since spring 2006. Ellipse is co-laborating with RIXC since 2004, including projects like Europe Culture-mapping (2004), Spectography (2005). Waves (2006), Specral Ecology (2007).
RIXC (Latvia), the Center for new media culture was founded in Riga in 2000 out of the E-LAB initiative (since 1996). The RIXC runs an art server, an experimental media laboratory for new media art production, research programmes and public events space. RIXC is the organiser of the international new media culture festival "Art+Communication" (since 1996), and is publisher of the "Acoustic Space" publication series (since 1998). RIXC is the initiator of a number of international co-projects and networks, including: Media Architecture (since 2002), Acoustic Space Lab (since 2001), Locative Media Network (since 2003), Trans-European Cultural Mapping (2004), WAVES (2006). RIXC group: Rasa Smite (research coordinator) Raitis Smits (exhibition curator), Martins Ratniks (videomaterial and design), Linda Vebere (research), Mikelis Putram (exhibit architecture and format), Agnese Rucina un Agrita Ozolina (management)

RIXC ”Research about former Soviet Union radio location system in Skrunda, Latvia"