June 3 - 9, workshops in Aizpute and research trip to former USSR army missile bases in Kurzeme region.
Workshop participants – artists, activists, sociologists, philosophers and researchers from Russia, Latvia, France, Austria and other countries will investigate the connection between history and mythology of military connections that links Latvia and other countries.

...Myth – lies, fantasy or subjective reality? Taking into consideration that myth has been arised from human imaginations or singularity of perception about things. Interpretations about things and occurencies could vary into countless and inconceivable directions...

The workshops in Aizpute take place in the framework of the 2nd Creative Summer Camp that this year focuses on “Technology myths” - interpretations and myths about the development, use and facilities of technologies and its' place in the life of modern human and society.


- Technologies and human desire to trick them/to pass over sage. About superstition of modern humans, where nowadays technologies rub along with mythological perception. Technological and mythological connections in the ideas, researches and art works.

- Militar and electromagnetic myths. Myths about spying technologies. In the framework of the workshop the working group conducted by Spectral Investigations Collective (France) together with artists, researchers, sociologists, philosophers and scientists will investigate the connection between history and mythology of military sciences, in relation to territory of Latvia.

- Myths of public space, maintained by technologies. How society perceive technologies? Whether and what kind of myths are arising concerning comprehensions of technologies? Myth about the invaluable role of information nowedays and parasiting, based on glorification of information technologies. Absurd myths in public space – tv churchies, virtual churchies etc.

- Contemporary art, media art, based on myths and interpretations.

"Digitalization of water " Kuda begut sobaki.

June 3, 11.00 “Military myth” research trip to former USSR army missile bases in Kurzeme.
19.00 Workshop opening picnic in Aizpute.
June 4, 11.00-17.00 Public presentations by workshop participants.
June 5, 11.00-17.00 Workshop "Global electromagnetic radiance": how to capture and map natural and artificial electromagnetic waves. Conducted by Spectral Investigations Collective (FR). The workshops takes place in the framework of French Spring festival.
June 6 - 9 “Technology myth” workshops and presentations: Andrei Smirnov (RU) "Musical applications of eavesdropping techniques; Kuda Begut Sobaki (RU) ”Applied decorative mathematics”, ”Water digitalization”, etc.; Sergej Teterin (RU) - Perma oracle “Twins” (reconstruction of a myth), public action “number PI", etc. Rainer Prohaska (AT) "E.S.I." power saving and interference, "N.E.S." searching for alternative solutions for power. And others.

Location: Artist' s Residency Center, Atmodas street 9, Aizpute.

Organised by The Interdisciplinary Art Group SERDE

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