Mortal Electric


Saturday, October 10 - 21.00

Live performance by

Location: RIXC Media Space
Address: 11. Novembra krastmala 35, entrance from Minsterejas iela.

Entrance: free.

Live performance, HD, 5.1 Surround, 2008

With Mortals Electric Telcosystems presents a new audiovisual journey. Over the years they have managed to achieve a far-reaching integration of human expression and programmed machine behaviour. In their interaction with machines they create a form of live cinema which fuses the auditive and visual domains into one spatial experience, exploring the limits of the human sensory apparatus. Mortals Electric shows slow-moving cloud clusters, layers of strobing organic structures, deep machinic drones and waves of digital noise.

Mortals Electric is made possible with the generous support of Fonds BKVB.

About Telcosystems

Gideon Kiers, David Kiers and Lucas van der Velden are the founding members of Telcosystems. Lucas van der Velden (1976, Eindhoven) and Gideon Kiers (1975, Amsterdam) live and work in Rotterdam. Both studied at the Interfaculty Image and Sound, a department at the Royal Conservatory and the Royal Academy in The Hague. David Kiers (1977, Amsterdam) studied Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He works and lives in The Netherlands and Iceland.
Telcosystems researches the relation between the behavior of programmed numerical logic and the perception of a conversion of this behavior into the physical world, seeking for their own narrative in the world of abstract spatial image and sound. The hallmark of their work is its lucid and restrained aestheticism, which is closely related to the technology they use.
They produce films, video clips, live performances, installations, software, soundtracks, and prints. Their work has been shown at musea, film- and new media festivals such as Ars Electronica (Linz), IFFR (Rotterdam), Holland Festival (Amsterdam), .MOV festival (Tokyo), EMAF (Osnabrück), Transmediale (Berlin), Sonar (Barcelona), Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen, Short Film Festival Hamburg, Elektra (Montreal), De Appel (Amsterdam), The New York Digital Salon, Mu (Eindhoven), Woodstreet Galleries (Pittsburgh), Boijmans van Beuningen (Rotterdam), Künstlerhaus (Vienna) and 25fps (Zagreb).

Their most recent film Loudthings received the Gus Van Sant Award for Best Experimental Film at the Ann Arbor Film Festival 2009 and the Grand Prix 2008 at 25FPS festival Zagreb Croatia.