The idea for the RIXC conference is to connect theme 1 and 2, by zooming in on the relationship between electrical energy and food energy. Based on both research and personal experiences and observations Bartaku will  interconnect the appropriation of  a Photovoltaic Technology – the Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSC) – with the growing and harvesting of nutricious fruits and vegetables.
The natural DSC represents a desirable futuristic energy scheme which invites to explore, question -and comment on- the availability and access to electrical energy as a key component of a visionary ecotopia.

Hippophae Rhamnoides
Nutrition value: 432kJ/100gr
Electric Energy: 117,5 Wh/100gr
Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Power: 0,015W/8m2
Bartaku calculations - July 2009

1kWh equals 3600 kilo-Joules

PhoEf is a research project exploring the essence of the photovoltaic effect - the conversion of light in electrical energy - in the realms of science, industry, technology and the arts. It emerges from a personal, transversal flight through the interconnected worlds behind and around photovoltaics, a technology based on A.E. Becquerel's 1839 discovery of the photovoltaic effect which is the physics behind the Photovoltaic (Solar) Cell.


Bartaku, °1996 (Jap) - [Bart Vandeput, °1970 (Be)]
Lives & works frequently in the urban realm > 50.845N - 04.35E
MA Communication Science – Artist/Researcher
Bartaku's works emerge through the interweaving of different media, methods and technologies with a fascination for scientific tropes and 'hyper-winded' systems, patterns, structures of man and matter. In 2007 Bartaku started the research project “PhoEf: The Undisclosed Poésis of the Photovoltaic Effect” in which he explores the realm of Photovoltaics, the conversion of light into electrical energy. at the interstices of arts, science, technology and ecology. PhoEf's docuwiki contains the compost that nourishes his performative lectures and workshops.
Bartaku's work echoes former praxis as a drummer, academic and wanderer of the Andean worlds.

Bartaku is affiliated with interdisciplinary lab FoAM [Bru/Ams]

Bartaku is supported by the 'Flemish Community-Commission of the Brussels Region'.