ATKN: A Tribute to Larl L. Nessler
Gert Aertsen


Scientific and artistic, utopian and critical visions

International Art and Science Conference
in the framework of the 11th International Festival for New Media Culture “Art+Communication 2009”.
October 9 and 10, 2009
in Riga, at Spikeri – Quarter for Creative Industries, “kim?” house, Maskavas iela 12/1 (3rd floor).

Coorganised by the Center for New Media Culture RIXC and MPLab – Art Research Laboratory of Liepaja University, the international conference “ENERGY. Scientific and Artistic, Critical and Utopian Visions” is continuing a series of conferences that are devoted to arts and science collaboration (“Waves” 2006, “Espionage Technologies and Art” 2007, “Spectropia” 2008).

The conference takes place in the framework of the “Art+Communication 2009” festival, which with this year's theme of “energy”, explores the notion of sustainability from various perspectives. (read more... <link to Theme>)

The Energy conference gathers together an interdisciplinary group of artists, science researchers, engineers, activists, sociologists, philosophers, architects, designers, futurists, and other lateral thinkers, who are engaged with the issues of sustainable development, in relation to the themes proposed below.

Conference themes:

I ENERGY IN NATURE AND SOCIETY: - The concept of energy and its various contexts: in Universe and on Earth - Invisible energy: in myths and legends, in nature and science - Energy technologies: in human life and in information society.

II CHANGING LANDSCAPE OF SUSTAINABILITY: - Environmental science research, climate change and ecology - Permaculture and biosystem design - Historical traditions vs. modern alternative solutions in urban planning and architecture - Alternative economics and visions of sustainable living.

III INFORMATION AND ENERGY: - Synergetic and co-relation between information and energy - Smart devices and Energy Internet - Sustainability using open source approaches: in art, culture, ecology, architecture, environmental design.

IV SCIENCE AND ART OF RENEWABLE TECHNOLOGIES: - Dye sensitized solar technologies - Green chemistry: new approach in biotechnology - Artistic explorations of clean and renewable energy technologies (sun, wind, water, tides, biomass, etc.).

Organisers board:

Rasa Smite / director of RIXC / MPLab, Liepaja University / PhD candidate at Riga Stradins University
Dr. Art Aija Urdze-Druvaskalne / Liepaja University, Art Research Lab (MPLab)
Raitis Smits <raitis (at)> / RIXC / ass.professor and PhD stud. at Latvian Arts Academy
Santa Mazika <maxla (at)> / MPLab, Liepaja University / PhD stud. at Latvian Arts Academy