Jon Cohrs


Urban Prospecting is phenomenon that by which one can cash in on the waste that industry has left behind. One such device, the Urban Prospector empowers anyone with the tools necessary to strike it rich by prospecting for oil in urban centers. Using old metal detectors, hydrocarbon sensors, locative media, and hype, this project combines a DIY aesthetic, basic accessible electronics, and pop culture to re-invigorate urban exploration and prospecting. Riding on the coat tails of the current subculture of prospecting and the historical precedent of the Gold Rush, the aim is to encourage a tongue-in-cheek urban prospecting rush. Show me the money!


Jon Cohrs is a recording engineer and visual/sound artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Through residencies, installations, and performances at I-Park, Banff New Media Institute, Futuresonic, and Eyebeam, his work has focused on exploring technology and it's connection with wilderness through his documentary The Door to Red Hook: Backpacking through Brooklyn, his website ANewF*, and the 2009 Futuresonic Art Award winner, the Urban Prospector. Most recently, He's been an artist in residence at the Eyebeam Atelier working on OMG I'm on .TV. This is an analog Pirate TV station in New York City that fills the void left behind after the digital transition, addressing the evolution of media, fan based culture, copyrights, and discussions on bandwidth allocation.