John Reshaur Enevoldsen


Samso is Denmark's renewable energy island. Ten years after winning this status, our island is co2 neutral and an important symbol for those who would like to see more rapid action on large scale transitions to renewable energies. It can be done and many people come to Samso from around the world to learn how we achieved our goals in such a short time. The answer for us has been community involvement and large-scale investments on a cooperative basis. The energy planning done at the beginning of the project also was important. Today the Samso Energy Academy hosts thousands of guests annually many of them journalists from important national and international media. Next summer, artists will join with the energy academy to make a Wind Festival to explore the cultural and artistic aspects of the wind and the energy island experience.


John Reshaur Enevoldsen Candidate Mag interfaculty (Oslo), Candidate Ph (Philosophy at Arhus University), church singer (tenor), journalist, coordinator and fundraiser. Hired by the Wind Festival to help finance and coordinate the festival. During seven years in Christiania I networked extensively in Europe (from 77 - 84), participating and later organizing annual symposia for Community Action. The last couple years we focussed on the Nordic countries and Nordisk Samaktion is a network of collectivists who still meet regularly. Samsø, where I have lived since 1984, is Denmarks renewable energy island, a project I have worked with on consultant basis, as well as voluntary positions in trustee borads, etc. I have worked as museum curator, Højskole teacher, leader of cultural centre, active in local politics and a local journalist the last 3∏ years.