Tina Finnäs


The Interactive Institute is a Swedish experimental IT-research institute that combines expertise in art, design and technology to conduct world leading applied research and innovation. We develop new research areas, art concepts, products and services, and provide strategic advice to corporations, the cultural sector and public organizations. Our research results are communicated and exhibited worldwide and brought out to society through commissioned work, license agreements and spin-off companies (http://www.tii.se/node/4169).

Since 2004 we have been working with new approaches on how to save energy and lower energy usage. One important goal is to make it easier for people to be aware of their energy consumption by making the energy usage visible and a part of their everyday life. We also believe that it is important to reward a good energy behavior as is the case with the Flower Lamp that opens up when energy consumption decreases. Another good example is the Energy Aware Clock that shows the households energy consumption in real-time, and is designed to be part of the home interior.

Both the Flower Lamp and the Energy Aware Clock are part of the world touring exhibition Visual Voltage that enables visitors to explore various forms of electricity, and to experience and reflect on energy consumption. The exhibit features installations and prototypes from some of Sweden's best known artists and designers that have been brought together with engineers, technical know-how and environmental consideration in this ground breaking exhibition. The exhibition features work by Steven Dixon, Nils Edvardsson, Tina Finnäs, Front Design and Tore Nilsson. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Swedish Institute and the Interactive Institute.


Tina Finnäs is an artist and project leader and has worked at the Interactive Institute since 2006 with consultation, project leading and communication. She has also been involved as an artist in different projects developed by the Interactive Institute, the latest project is the installation Like There Was No Tomorrow for the world touring exhibition Visual Voltage (www.visualvoltage.se). She has an MFA from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Currently she is working as communication officer for the Interactive Institute. Tina is also founder and project leader of TICA - Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art in Albania (.tica-albania.org).