Ákos Maróy


Bio.display is a project aiming to create displays made of living organisms. The original concept of the bio.display project was to create a dynamic display made of genetically modified fluorescent bacteria. The installation, though consisting of millions of living organisms, would act as display, a screen – something we’re used to see from machines.

The first step in this project is less ambitious: a mechanism that enables a user to create an image using genetically modified fluorescent bacteria. The installation allows the participant to enter an image, for which he will receieve a plate of bacteria, that develops this image overnight. A replica of the chemical process of photography done by millions of living creatures in a small plate.


Ákos Maróy (Hungary) is a member and founder of several non-profit and commercial initiatives, spread between commercial-grade and open source software engineering, artificial life and emergent systems research, media- and bio-art projects and community radios. Founder and former member of Nextlab, an open lab for new media in Budapest, Hungary. Former member and board member of Tilos Radio, a community radio station in Budapest, Hungary. Founder and former member of the Emergent Systems Research Institute in Budapest, Hungary. Founder and CTO at EU Edge LLC, an outsourced software development company catering mainly to US customers from Budapest, Hungary. Founder and CTO of Scarab Research, a company working with Artificial Intelligence methods to provide smart, personalized product recommendations for e-commerce sites. Member of the double Negatives Architecture group, Tokyo, Japan, working on the generative architecture project called Corpora. Founder and former organizer of the Budapest New Technology Meetup, a monthly gathering of new-tech enthusiasts in Hungary, Budapest. Founder and vice president of the Open Standards Alliance, an organization aiming to promote interoperabilty in the IT industry.