Erik Sjödin


Stem Sounds and Bush-scopes are gadgets for exploring nature. The Bush-scopes lets you sample video far into the bushes, up high in the trees and deep down into cavities. With Stem Sounds you can listen to and record the sound of sap moving up in tree stems in the spring and creatures gnawing away behind the bark. But what’s the point of doing this? Can we, and should we, use design to make it more attractive to interact with nature, and is it rational to use technology to mediate nature?
Stem Sounds and Bush-scopes have both been developed under the Strange Eden umbrella at the Interactive Institute's Art & Technology Department.


Erik Sjödin (b. 1979) is an interdisciplinary practitioner based in Stockholm, Sweden. He works with various combinations of research, design and engineering within the domains of art, technology, nature and culture.