Tiina Sööt


Understanding of ecology in humanities and arts in comparison with the meanings in natural sciences. A review of different uses of the term ecology from ’scientific study of ecosystems’ to ’somehow related to nature’.

Science, misconceptions, prejudices, paranoias and conspiracy theories are put together in a sprint-lecture. Logical trains of thoughts about ecological problems mingle with absurd interruptions by pseudoscience, common misconceptions and other creatures of unconsciousness. Anyhow the question remains: Are we doomed or are we overreacting?
The purpose of this piece is not to convince anybody or to produce new fertile solutions, but simply to express ones inner pressure about fearsome information, impossibility to embrace bigger picture and helplessness to change. Sometimes it is too depressing to be green.


An art-student (Estonian academy of Arts) with a background of ecology, theatre research and litterature (University of Tartu). Current intersts and fields of action: ecological theatre and theatre-ecology, understanding of ecology in culture and arts; dance and other strategies of moving body.