Christina Stadlbauer


Energy is everything and everywhere; it can have many faces.
In this presentation the more subtle aspects of energy are addressed. Some light is shed on the concept of energy as it circulates in living beings and the means to access or transform it. What does sustainable living mean in terms of life energy, the impact from environmental energies or the influence of energy fields.
Elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu will facilitate the understanding; a few experimental exercises will accompany the lecture for better illustration.


Christina Stadlbauer, 1970, Vienna Austria, Dr. nat. techn. (chemistry)
Finding myself amidst a large amount of uncontrollable, especially flying, insects used to cause profound fear in me. The resulting paralysis left me with little choice but gazing, in detail, at what was happening around me. This eventually, led to a fascination with honeybees and to becoming a beekeeper. 
In 2008, I started an interdisciplinary project in Brussels that allowed me to study these insects by introducing honeybees in urban contexts. The setup being both artistic, scientific and community oriented, aims at increasing visibility of the topic. 
Furthermore, I work with humans, offering Shiatsu (Japanese Healing Massage) and Naikan (Insight Meditation).
At present, I live and work in Belgium and Austria, in cooperations with OKNO (Brussels), Nadine (Brussels) and the University of Natural Sciences (Vienna).