Julian Priest

Whois Energy?

Information is often thought of as separate from the physical, but it is encoded on a physical bearer. Taking as a starting point the thought that electromagnetic radiation is both a form of energy transmission and a medium of information transmission, aspects of the relationship between energy and information are developed.
The vernacular understanding of Energy is that it is something that can be 'used up' and we often think of energy 'supplies', such as food, gasoline or other types of fuel. This contrasts with the Physics idea of energy as an invariant property which can only be transformed from one state to another.
The talk concludes by highlighting some social and political aspects of energy transformation and transfer. The rapid rise of fine grained automation and tracking of energy transfer using the emerging 'smart grid' technologies, provides a live context for the ideas.


Julian Priest is an independent artist and researcher. He was co-founder of early wireless network community consume.net and freenetwork advocate, active in openspectrum politics in support of an open spectrum in the public interest. He is currently focused on artistic practice at the edges between technology and the environment with a special interest in energy and shows internationally.