Ingrida Sahta,, Ilze Baltina,, Juris Blums, Dr.phys.


Since prehistoric times people have looked for ways to protect themselves from too low or too high ambient temperature influence using clothes. Today thermoregulation by clothing is developed by using in the high-tech way made heat regulating technologies or by integrating in the garment thermostatic electrical/electronic systems, such as systems with Peltier elements. The vest is developed as an experimental prototype of wearable electronic system for garment that can be used for needs of military forces, medicine and health care. Generally the smart vest contain: four Peltier coolers, which provide cooling effect; the knitted metal material, is used to increase cooling surfaces and for the smooth the temperature distribution; accumulators, that are charged by the current generated by solar cells; electronic control system, embedded in the garment, controls the optimal charging regime, the temperature of cooled garment, the level of cooling and other operating parameters.
Manufacturing process of smart clothes with integrated cooling system should provide a small garment weight, durability and safety, operational efficiency, minimal current flow, clothing comfort, air and vapour permeability and low production costs. Manufacturing of smart vest with integrated microclimate control system requests for the research process to optimize the cooling function.


Ingrīda Šahta (Ingrida Shahta) –, PhD student, assistant for scientific work at Riga Technical University, Institute of Textile Material Technologies and Design

2009 - Master's Degree in material science, Riga Technical University, Riga
2007 - Bachelor's Degree in material science, Riga Technical University, Riga
1996 - Bachelor's Degree in pedagogy and Home Economics and Design teacher qualification, Latvian Agricultural University, Jelgava

Work experience:
2008/2009 - assistant for scientific work at RTU, Riga
Main activities: Innovative materials and technologies

1996 – 2008 Home Economics, Design and German language teacher at Secondary School, Valdemarpils