Lise Skou


Amongst the many relations defining human exi­stence the individual and collective relation to the environment and our livelihoods are of the most essential. The cultivation, elaboration and even destruction of the environment are defining our culture and a central tool of power. Field Work aims to investigate those relations by engaging directly with urban and rural landscapes, and re­flect on contemporary perception and uses of it.
Strategies of site specificity have become inade­quate. Instead we work for and with the notion of spatial and environmental justice, combining environmental sustainability with social justice issues. Not only resources and wealth but also pollution are distributed unevenly, and the ne­gative side effects of neo-liberal developments tend to hit the poor the hardest. Environmental justice therefore also relates to issues of migra­tion, gender, and governance.
In this process we want to ask the question of the role of the artist in relation to social and political change? What are the gestures, models and techniques that we, as artists, can use today? Can we in­vent new policies?
We want to re-evaluate our ways of action and advocate social and political change while questi­oning what we take for granted in contemporary capitalism and how it shapes our everyday and surroundings.

Fieldwork was initiated in 2006 by visual artists Nis Rømer and Lise Skou (DK).

My talk will take point of departure in projects within this framework combined with a few links to Swop Projects made from 2003 – 2006 in collaboration with Swedish artist Andrea Creutz. Swop Projects was a platform for sustainable interventions specific in relation to economy.


Lise Skou, born in Denmark 1966. Lives and works in Denmark and Berlin. Educated from Whitney Museum of American Art – Independent Study Program 2002-2003. The Academy of Fine Arts (DK) 1998-2004. University of Aarhus – History of Art and Literature, 1990-1998. Works collaboratively with interventions and social engaged art practice. In recent years she has exhibited in Europe and abroad. Will participate in BB4/Bucharest Biennial 4 in Bucharest in collaboration with Nis Rømer, May 2010. Runs the non-profit self-organized space rum46 in Aarhus (DK).